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I'm drawing a building. How can I adjust the elevation of parts of it?

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  • I'm drawing a building. How can I adjust the elevation of parts of it?

    There are two ways:

    1. Select the desired object, see its base elevation in the Object Data Window (ODW) by the icon with the green Z. Click on the number, enter the desired base elevation, press Enter. You'll see the upper elevation change to match next to the icon with the red Z. You could also do this in the Elevation Dialog.

    2. Select the desired object. Press X or Y to view along the X or Y axis. You might need to zoom out to see the selected object. Now press the Up/Down arrows to adjust its elevation while you watch. Press Z to return to the typical Z-axis editing view. (Note: you can't do typical editing in X or Y views)

    The X, Y and Z views are complemented by the Shift+X, Shift+Y and Shift+Z views. These are all "looking the opposite direction along the axis". For example, Shift+Z is looking at your layout from the bottom up. All six views are useful to examine editing and to use the arrow keys for positioning, as you can zoom in them.

    If you are editing groups, please note, the group is *not* automatically sorted along the new view axis, as you may have set things up in a specific sort order to control the display (e.g., F6, Shift+F6). Groups may look awkward in other views if they are not sorted, so be aware of this.

    Available features in non-Z views

    You can bring up a selected object's Property Page (press Enter), and you can edit fields in the Object Data Window. You can zoom in/out with the zoom wheel or F2/F3/etc. You get a zoom stack for each view (F3/F4). You can undo/redo and see the results. You can use Edit commands from the Menu Bar, such as Tilt and Roll (very helpful sometimes).
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