This is the same old Nova Maquete, but saved with version 3360 of 3pi.
There are 2 files, the layout itself and a folder with the textures.
Both should be unpacked in the same directory to work.

When you open Nova Maquete in 3D it will put you in a location suit to benchmark performance.
This is the spot I use to compare the FPS (frames per second) between versions of 3pi and my own OpenGl Demo programs.

Nova Maquete is a layout that uses many of the 3pi features.
It was created for operation, so you can operate the trains like a real layout, in 3D.
It features 2.5 milion triangles, 700+ textures, transparency, animations, sounds, etc.
It has even a locomotive with moving rods and sound (Montanha).
It is really big and demands a lot from 3pi.

As Jeff reminded me, there are some settings that should be twicked before benchmarking:

In File/Settings-3dDisplay set:
Native Line widths
Include full detail
Native Line Colors
Do not display objects closer than –> 100mm
Do not display objects farther than –> 12000mm

In Tools/Settings set:
Apply same color to front and back...
Smooth shade polygons
Smooth shade objects
Show textures
Show ballast textures
Level of detail
Truck Visibility

In View/Show set:
Ballast Texture

Hope you enjoy!
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