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  • DPM 3D Modules

    I have posted the attached file of Design Preservation Models (DPM) modules made in 3D. The file is suitable for 3PI library use. All windows have glass with a light grey (dirty) tint that are nearly fully transparent. All walls have 3D thickness. Outlines conform to DPM Template file found on Internet. Part numbers and names are from a recent DPM catalog.

    All 3PI users are welcome to use this file. All my rights are hereby released. Use with discretion. DPM may wish to reserve some rights.
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    Re: DPM 3D Modules

    A free download of templates in PDF form is available at...

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      Re: DPM 3D Modules

      The 3PI file in the first item of this thread has been extensively edited to improve 3D appearance of various components. If you have downloaded the original, it would be wise to substitute the new file.