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Instructions for Creating a Library File

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  • Instructions for Creating a Library File

    There have been repeated inquiries over time on the Yahoo list about adding library items. Answers have been occasionally vague. My first attempt at a library was most "interesting". I propose to post this item on the Yahoo list so it can be referred to by those who might be helped by the information. Sort of an FAQ intended for those who need detailed guidance.

    Directions to create a library file in 3PI

    First, a place in which to save files must be prepared. From a blank drawing in 3PI (to avoid losing or corrupting your work), select File / Save As. In the dialog box hit the icon with the small right angle arrow that points up. It will take you to the next higher directory. Do that again until you get to a directory named Desktop. That dialog window should list a level named My Computer. Click on My Computer and a new dialog should list, among others, Local Disk (C. Click on Local disk (C and a new dialog should list Program Files. Click on Program Files and a new dialog should list 3rd PlanIt. Click on 3rd PlanIt / Standard Library and see a list of file folders including Benchwork, Buildings, Equipment...and Track. I call these the Standard Library Divisions. At the upper right of the dialog window, find and click on the icon that looks like a file folder with short lines radiating from the right upper corner of it. This will open a box labeled New Folder. Type in a Division name of your choice. I used My Drawings. When the name is typed to suit you, press Enter. The new Division will be created in the Library and this part of the process is finished. Now, click on Cancel to exit. You have prepared a new division in the Library in which to save your files.

    To add the first item to your file, draw it on a new empty drawing or copy it from an existing drawing into a new file. Be sure the object is grouped (F9 or Edit / Group). Open the Group Properties of the object by highlighting the object, right click to get the Toolkit Menu, click Properties. In the dialog click on the Group tab and type in a name for your object, perhaps My Caboose. Set any other group characteristics desired. Click OK. You are now ready to save the first object to the library. Click on File / Save As. Navigate as previously described to your new Division in the Standard Library. In that dialog give your new folder a name such as My New RR Car, hit Enter, and click on Save. You have created a Standard Library Division and added the first item to a folder in your Library. Future items can be added to that folder by highlighting the object, giving it a name in Group Properties, then clicking Add to Library in either the Edit Menu or Toolkit Menu. The dialog will let you navigate to the folder in which the object will be saved.

    If you prefer, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the Standard Library in Program Files, and create a new division of your choice with a named empty sub-folder under that division. Then save library objects from 3PI to that folder by clicking Add to Library and navigate to your folder.

    After any addition to the library, go to the Library Bar and right click to bring up a short menu. Click on Refresh Libraries and your new folder and object will be listed under the new Division you created. Future revisions of 3rd PlanIt may re-write the Standard Library to add / delete / adjust items, but re-writes will not affect your files provided you do not place files within any of the regular 3PI folders or use regular 3PI file names. For example, if you add a piece of special track to one of the regular commercial track libraries, the next time a new library is published, your track piece will be overwritten and lost forever. Make your own file and 3PI will include it in future libraries. For example, the mentioned My Drawings Division and folders and objects within it would be left alone by any future revision.
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